The lab’s first conference!


The Subjectivity Lab will attend its first conference this November—OPAM 2022—right here in Boston! Saurish Srivastava, our amazing high school research assistant, will be presenting his project “Scant Evidence for Domain-General Metacognition”. Saurish used his Python wizardry to ask a fundamental question: Are metacognitive mechanisms domain-general? To answer this question, he analyze hundreds of subjects’ data from the Confidence database, and the answer we found was: No, there’s little evidence for metacognitive domain-generality. Congrats Saurish!

Metacognition in glass
Sustained representation of perspectival shape

Congratulations Krissy!

Congratulations to our wonderful Research Program Coordinator, Krissy Kilgallen, for winning an Avrom Aaron Leve Award in recognition of her academic performance and of her research during her time as an undergraduate in the Psychology Department at Northeastern. Well done Krissy!

The lab grows!

We are thrilled to announce that this fall 2022 Michael McPhee will join the lab to pursue his PhD, and Dillon Plunkett will join us as a postdoctoral researcher. Michael is the current lab manager at the Ripollés Lab at NYU, and he is interested in consciousness, attention and metacognition. Dillon is finishing his PhD in Josh Green’s Lab at Harvard University, and he’s interested in questions about consciousness and representational format. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Michael and Dillon!

Metacognition in glass
Sustained representation of perspectival shape

Crossroads of Ideas: Big Questions

Public Lecture & Dialogue

Jorge participated in Crossroads of Ideas, a public lecture series at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. As part of their Big Questions Series, Jorge’s  public lecture discussed challenges and opportunities for the scientific study of consciousness. The talk was followed by a conversation with neuroscientist Yuri Saalmann moderated by Wisconsin Public Radio producer Steve Paulson. 

Metacognition in Glass


London-based artist Cathryn Shilling took the fMRI images from our Journal of Neuroscience metacognition paper and created a splendid art installation.

Metacognition in glass
Sustained representation of perspectival shape

Vision Science Meets Philosophy


Forbes, Nautilus, Publico and the science podcast The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, among other venues, featured our PNAS paper in which we use vision science to address a centuries-old philosophical problem on the representation of perspectival shapes. Bonus: MC Hammer (yes, really!) tweeted out our paper too!

Philosophy of Perception in the Lab


Jorge contributed to the Brains Blog’s Cognitive Science and Philosophy Symposium with a post titled “Philosophy of Perception in the Laboratory”.

The Brains Blog

Dialogue on the Science of Subjectivity


Elizabeth Fernandez—host of the science and society podcast Spark Dialogue—talked to Jorge about the philosophy and science of subjectivity and how our brains help us see the world around us.

The Prefrontal Cortex & Consciousness


The Brains Blog and the journal Mind & Language organized a symposium on Jorge’s and his collaborator Matthias Michel’s article “Minority Reports: Consciousness and the Prefrontal Cortex” with commentaries by cognitive scientists and philosophers.

The Brains Blog

Philosophy & the Science of Consciousness


Jorge was interviewed about his work by Richard Brown—philosophy professor at CUNY and host of the interview series Consciousness Live!.