• Dobbs, M., DeGutis, J., Morales, J., Joseph, K. & Swire-Thompson, B. (In Press) Democrats are better than Republicans at discerning true and false news but do not have better metacognitive awareness. Communications Psychology.

Book review of Joe LeDoux’s The Deep History of Ourselves: The Four-Billion Year Story of How We Got Conscious Brains.

This publication is a letter replying to Linton, who was in turn replying to our original PNAS paper, “Sustained representation of perspectival shape”. It gets its own entry on our publications page because it reports new data!

Further discussion of these results—and the general approach of asking philosophical questions in the laboratory—can be found in this blog post in The Brains Blog.

This paper was featured in the Brains Blog’s Mind & Language Symposium with commentaries by Liz Irvine, Benji Kozuch, and Michael Pitts & Kevin Ortego, and our rejoinder.

  • Morales, J., Mouradi Y., Sergent C., Block N., Taschereau-Dumouchel, V., Rosenthal,D., Grimaldi, P. & Lau, H. (2017) Measuring away an attentional confound? Neuroscience of Consciousness, 3 (1): 1-3.

book chapters

  • Morales, J & Lau, H. (2022) Confidence tracks consciousness. In Qualitative Consciousness: Themes from the Philosophy of David Rosenthal (Ed. J. Weisberg), Cambridge University Press: 91-105.